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Popcorn Maker is a Web 2.0 tool that allows you to upload videos and add text to them when you feel it is appropriate. It provides you the capability to send videos to your students, which you have adjusted to meet your usage needs. For example, if your class was studying geography you could find a video about different landmarks and pause the video at certain times to apply questions for the class to answer. Or you could add in links, pictures, or Googlemaps to further enhance the video. Popcorn Maker is a simple way to make videos more interactive and fun!

Why Popcorn Maker?

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Popcorn Maker is extremely easy to work with and safe. When I started researching tools that enabled me to do what Popcorn Maker does many of them only allowed you to upload videos and make comments to the side. Popcorn Maker takes this process to a whole other level allowing links, pictures, pauses, cutting of clips, Googlemaps, etc. It runs similar to iMovie, therefore, if you can manage iMovie you can enhance a video on Popcorn Maker. In my opinion, this tool is a bit easier than iMovie, so have no fear if you are not that great at using iMovie.

Most of all this tool is a strong way to keep students involved and actively thinking, while watching a video within the classroom setting. What else could you ask for? This tool is a simple, easily manageable, and a step-up in the video learning experience.

How to use this in the classroom?

The possibilities are endless for this tool! One example of a way to utilize this tool in your classroom would be to add helpful links to videos, that you send to your students for research projects. This adjustment to the videos would help enhance your students' search. Also, you could create videos and implement questions through out for the students to answer as a homework assignment and extension of the learning done in class. Another idea would be to allow students to enhance videos to add to their research projects. The videos could then be presented to the class as part of the assignment or an extension of it. The opportunities are endless when you really think about it. There are so many ways you could utilize this tool and make learning more interactive for your students.

Look at the video I created!

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