popplet.jpg popplet map.jpg (Sample popplet!)

Popplet is a place for your ideas!

What is it? It features a combination of mind mapping, online bulletin board and is an alternative presentation tool. Due to its ease of use and powerful features, Popplet has great potential for a wide range of grade levels. You can even use it as your classroom homepage!

After you have created an account and new Popplet (think of a Popplet as a bulletin board), double click anywhere on the screen to create a new popple. A popple can hold text, images, videos and even Google maps…perfect for a digital bulletin board project.

To create a mindmap:

Create a popple and type your content.

While it is selected, click one of the four small circles found at each side of the popple.

This will create a link to a new popple.

You can also drag links to existing content and delete links as necessary.

Use the mindmap for any activity where students brainstorm and organize their thoughts!

Popplet is also an excellent presentation tool alternative. Once the content is placed on the board, the presentation order is determined via the presentation menu. Then, while presenting, the application will zoom in on each popple in the order you selected. This provides and excellent, non-linear approach to presenting similar to Prezi.com but with a much easier learning curve.

I chose Popplet because it is one of the few web tools that is not only easy to use, but is also versatile and powerful. Popplet could be a great way to do a (dreaded) book report, a investigation on planets, etc.! It can easily replace the old diorama's we used to do! It is a great way to complete a project that would be fun for students and easy to use.

(Images from Goole Images)www.popplet.com