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Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.
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Audacity is available for Windows®, Mac®, GNU/Linux® and other operating systems. Check our feature list, Wiki and Forum for more information.

Introduction is a great source for all classrooms and all grade levels. There are many ways teachers can use audacity. Audacity is a free download and comes with explicit instructions. It can be used with your cell phone or a microphone on your computer. It is very user friendly. As a reading specialist, I can use Audacity as a teaching tool in many capacities.
Incorporating Audacity into Classrooms
The list of ways Audacity can be used in classrooms is as long as your imagination. One way it can be used with reading students is to have students read their own books to Audacity. The students can listen and take notes about their own reading. This is a valuable tool and gives the student immediate feedback. Students can also reread their own writing into Audacity. This is a great way to proofread their writing. It can help in the editing process. Another great way Audacity can be used is as a podcasting tool. Students can make their own book trailers. This is a perfect way to promote summarizing and motivate others to read.
Students can make a field trip narrative to play back later.
Another great use of Audacity is to use for substitute teacher plans! This can be used for the teacher as well as instructions to the students.
An example of using podcasting as a teaching tool is listed below:
  • Word-of-the-Day/Week
For this lesson, teachers can create word-of-the-day (or week) lists. The recording may include:
  • Word (pronounced properly)
  • Syllabic pronunciation of the word
  • Spelling of the word
  • Meaning of the word
  • The word in a sentence
  • Synonyms and/or Antonyms of the word
This type of lesson is very useful when teaching a new language and introducing new linguistic concepts.
Podcasting can assist in communication with parents when used on a teacher website. Newsletters are easily communicated as well as letters.
Audacity (podcasting) is a great tool to reinforce concepts studied in class for both auditory and visual (video) learners.
There is even a great help page for Wiki users.
The following is a link to book trailers as conducted by Mr. Coley‘s class.
I have used this with my struggling readers. They worked really hard to put together a book review. Then, they practiced it to develop a fluent review. They were so proud of their work. Of course we emailed it to their home teachers and parents! I love this program. It's free and it's easy!