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Prezi is an interactive, zoomable presentation tool. Prezi was established in 2009 by Adam Somlai-Fischer, Pete Halascy, and Peter Arvai in Budapest. By the fall of 2009, Prezi opened a location in San Francisco. The company now employs over 100 people. Recently, TED Conferences invested in Prezi and has expanded the company's name and usage.

Prezi is a blank canvas, or whiteboard, that encourages users to express their ideas creatively. According to a video on Prezi's website, Prezi represents the "visualization of thoughts in action." With Prezi, you can take your audience on a three-dimensional journey. The tool allows users to present their material online or off. Furthermore, users can present from any location using a computer, iPad, or iPhone. Collaboration is easily achievable with Prezi. Up to 10 group members in any location around the world can simulatneously edit a presentation. Presentations are engaging, dramatic, and represent the new normal for 21st century interaction. Plus, Prezi is FREE! Prezi actually operates on a "Freemium." The basic level is Free and users can decide if they would like to upgrade their account for a monthly charge.

Check out this great video to see how some developers view and use Prezi.

Why did I choose Prezi?

I chose Prezi to share with this class because it is exciting, user friendly, and applicable in any classroom. When I first began using Prezi, I was impressed with its design templates, video tutorials, and ease of use. I was easily able to insert the text, pictures, and files I wanted into a zoomable presentation. When I delivered my presentation, I felt confident and "special" because I knew I was introducing something to my peers that would alter how they learn and teach. Whenever I present a Prezi to my peers or students, they are more attentive and engaged with the material I present.

Prezi has evolved tremendously in such a short period of time. Now, users can add their own background images and make them 3-D. If you woul like, compare the first Prezi I created (about Abraham Maslow) with one I created using 3-D images (about transitioning to retirement).

Feel free to check out my Prezi page: http://www.prezi.com/user/llboehmer

How could Prezi be used in teaching and learning?

Prezi can be used in teaching to make material more engaging for students as well as easier to understand. By removing the boundaries of traditional slides, teachers can create connections for students that will help them in the learning process. I have uploaded worksheets as PDFs straight to Prezi and presented them using the overhead projector. Students can creatively develop and present projects using Prezi as well. Prezi is an excellent attention grabber--and keeper--essential elements in motivating students to perform at their highest level.