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Introduction: is a safe and fun way for students to share their writing with others. Their posts might include: journaling, discussions, reflections on learning, or any other writing experience the teacher might incorporate all while developing a sense of digital citizenship.

Why Kidblog?

The safety settings on this site can be set so that the teacher must approve all comments to ensure that the site is being used properly. It can also be set to password only entry to ensure only those who are invited are allowed access to the students' posts, so it is a safe way to incorporate a writing venue that will make the kids want to write.

In the classroom:

I have set my class up with this tool. I plan to have them continue with their personal journals we write in each morning. These entries are a combination of prompts including a choice of two specific questions, a reflection on a Bible verse, and free choice writing time. The students will write one entry each day Monday thru Thursday, then on Friday we will go to the computer lab to post their favorite entry from the week. The students will enjoy choosing their best entry for the week to share with others.