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Wiki by Sonia Jansen


What is Kerpoof?

Kerpoof is an educator friendly website (mostly free), hosted by Disney, that gives individuals the freedom to be creative. There are many opportunities to express yourself creating things like artwork, animated movies, stories, cards, and much, much more. Kerpoof offers teachers the opportunity to set up groups for classes, chats that can be monitored, and activities for their students. There are a wide number of lesson plans available, and many are linked to state and national standards. Content is monitored to ensure it is kid-friendly.

How Can Kerpoof benefit my students?

Kerpoof Studio is a Web 2.0 interactive website that allows students to explore their creativity. Many templates and pictures are imbedded throughout the website to assist students with "getting their imagination going." There are icons that are easy to click as students make choices about what they want to create. These are targeted to different groups, such as K-3, K-8, and all ages. As an educator, I am confident my students would enjoy this website. Some of the specific activities they could enjoy include: Spell a Picture, Make a Movie, Make a Card, Make a Drawing, Make a Picture, and Tell a Story. Many students struggle with just getting started on creative projects...Kerpoof gives them interactive tools to help them "get in the groove," catch a vision, and go with it. It is easy to use because of the many visual tools; several activities are simple for young students, or those working to improve their reading and writing skills. I chose Kerpoof because I know my students could easily be inspired to write stories in different genres or poems. Students could work independently or cooperatively. As a class we could share our work and I could ask questions to check for comprehension. My students could also practice phonetic skills with Spell a Picture. Any final projects the students were proud of could be shared on the website (either with parental permission or anonymously).

Most importantly...Kerpoof Studio is FUN! It can help your students get excited about learning!

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Kerpoof Scholatics is the section designed with educators in mind. How?

This section contains many resources for teachers that are helpful and easy to access. It includes: lesson plans/ideas (including many worksheets and coloring sheets that are pdf), teacher tools, newsletters, links to national and state standards, and teacher accounts that allow for closed groups/classes (which are easy for the teacher to monitor.) This website is very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and is endorsed by several respected agencies (such as the National Science Foundation) and has received over 12 awards from various groups (click to see awards).
Kerpoof can be utilized in the classroom to enhance all subject areas, like math, science, and social studies, but is is especially easy to use in subjects like language arts, which incorporate reading, written expression, vocabulary, and spelling.

Click here to read a shared story.

Is there more? Of course...what are you waiting for...check out KERPOOF!

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