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Storybird is creative online tool used to create and tell a story. When using the program, users pick pieces of artwork to tell their story. The artwork is categorized in the program and users simply click and drag it to their storyboard. Then users can add text to their storyboard and continue by adding multiple pages. This tool can also promote collaboration. Users can work together on the same computer, different computers in the same room or even in collaborate from different locations. They can add to and edit the story together and publish it in the program. Users can also read creative stories created by others all over the world.


How to incorporate Storybird into the classroom:
This tool could be incorporated into the classroom in many ways. Teachers could use the published writings to show examples of skills and concepts that students are working on in the classroom. Also, teachers can use this program to engage students who are struggling with writing or provide inspiration to students who struggle with creativity. In the classroom, students can work independently or together to create poetry, short stories, persuasive pieces or just creative writings in the program. They can then share them in a creative way instead of just reading their story aloud the to the class. Another application in the classroom is to connect with another class in the state, country or world. Students can work collaboratively with another student in the world and share ideas.

Tutorial with videos: http://techtutorials.edublogs.org/2011/09/05/storybird/
Video on how to use Storybird: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T00YjRBIcIw