Flickr allows the user to share pictures and two videos per month without a paid subscription. The simple user interface and numerous ways to login make this site very accessible to all users. The mobile application is also very intuitive and can connect to Facebook and Twitter for further media sharing. Albums can be made private so the pictures and videos are only shared with the people the user approves. This adds an extra level of privacy for the user.
Incorporating Flickr into the Classroom
There are numerous uses for a site such as this in a classroom. Students can upload pictures of just about anything they would like to share with the class. This can be useful in creating writing prompts and inciting classroom discussions. I would like my students to use it to keep me updated on long term out-of-class projects, with photographic evidence. I see this as extremely useful for a science fair project or any other experimentation. It is also a great way for a teacher to document successes in the classroom to duplicate the next year. The ability to share albums with only approved users is a great way to protect student privacy and keeps their work their own.