Tagxedo is an easy way to make creative word clouds. With Tagxedo you can upload text from a document, blog, etc. or you can type in your own words. You can also upload images and fonts to truly customize your word cloud.

Classroom uses:
  • Make a tagxedo to show character traits from a work of literature.
  • Class character education - have students come up with a word to describe each student, add words and choose a shape that represents that student.
  • Getting to know you project at the beginning of the school year.
  • Make a Tagxedo of a famous speech.
  • If you were doing a project about a topic, you could make a tagxedo with important words about that topic.
  • Make a Tagxedo as a visual representation of a speech/report you are giving.
  • Make a gift for someone.
  • And many more.....

My Tagxedo
I made this Tagxedo about a character we read about in Julius, Baby of the World.


Why did I choose Tagxedo?
Tagxedo is 100% customizable. Tagxedo comes with fonts and images, but you can upload your own. You can change the colors, directions of the words, and the layout. If you were to use Tagxedo on a Smartboard, you can even scroll over the word and it will enlarge it for discussion. You can save or print your Tagxedo and use it to make a gift. I also love that this provides students with the opportunity to be creative, and is very appealing to visual learners.

More about Tagxedo/Resources: