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What is it?

Evernote is a place to collect and keep all the things you need access to on a daily basis: files, pictures, web clippings, audio files, recipes, lists, etc.--if you need it, you can put it there! You can upload Evernote on all of the devices you live and work on, and since your files are saved to the cloud, they are accessible wherever you are. Notebooks can be shared with others, which makes collaboration easy. With the Evernote Web Clipper, you can quickly and easily save bookmarks that you use often, too.

Check out this video to learn more:

Why use it for school?

I learned about Evernote last year and initially wasn't sure of the answer to that question! As I discovered more, from talking to others about how they use it and by trying it out for myself, I realized that the possibilities are endless with how can be useful in a school setting.

  • Conference notes: The idea that sold me on Evernote was hearing how other teachers had been using it to save and sort info from student reading and writing conferences. Inside Evernote, you can create a notebook for each of your students, then record notes from your conversations with them. These notes can be tagged for content, which enables you to sort the info later, or group your students based on who needs focus on which skills. For me, this works well for reading and writing notes. Using Evernote, you can also take pictures and record audio as necessary to collect information about your students. I have saved pictures of writing samples, as well as recorded students reading for fluency. While you can do many other things, this is the best idea I've found!

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  • Meeting or other notes: Just like you can write and save a note in Word or with the Notes features on a device, you can create notes within Evernote that can then also be tagged and sorted for easier use later. I had a notebook specifically for Grade Level Notes last year to keep all of my info together and easy to find.

  • Web clippings: I have not yet used this feature, but if you install the Evernote WebClipper, you can collect and organize websites in much the way you can with bookmarks on your computer. But this way, they're saved online and available anytime, not just when you're at your computer. Just yesterday I learned about a way to save tweets, as well: direct a tweet to @myen and it saves your idea/article/picture into an Evernote folder that you have designated.

  • ePortfolios: In much the same way that I use notebooks to save conference notes, any student information can also be saved in Evernote to create an ePortfolio. I could tell you all about it, except that I think that Miss Night could do a better job; actually I know she could because that's how I found out about this option. Read about her journey with using Evernote for students portfolios in kindergarten here.

  • Other fabulous things I haven't even thought of yet: Do you have any suggestions? Please share them!


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