Introduction: is a great resource for educators to use. This Web 2.0 Tool can be used for all age groups and subject areas. Teachers are able to search for slideshows regarding numerous topics and use them in their classrooms and they are also able to submit power point/slideshows to this website for other teachers to use. This is a fantastic way to share and utilize other educators’ resources.

Incorporating SlideShare into the Classroom:

SlideShare is something that can be utilized in a variety of ways. I have used this website many times for different class settings. Many times I use different slideshows in a full-class setting. Other times I use the slideshows for small group learning environments. In full-class settings or small groups, the students are able to visualize, practice skills (depending on the slideshow) and take notes from the power points. Since technology is something that all of my students enjoy, many times the students pay better attention and retain better focus when slideshows are used to help accommodate a lesson.

This site is user friendly and resources for each subject are easy to locate. Teachers are able to use the search engine at the top of the page to enter the topic they are searching for. A positive element about this site that I enjoy is that teachers do not have to be members to use these resources. However, if a teacher would like to share their own slideshows, they must have a login.

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