Kids' Zone

Kids' Zone is a website created by the National Center for Educational Statistics that allows students of all ages to explore graphs, science and statistics. Kids' Zones provides its participants with "mind benders", history facts, daily polls, etc. Two important features that stand out on the Kids' Zone website are the "Tools" tab and the "Create a Graph" tab. Students and teachers are able to create a individual and classroom graphs. They have a variety of graphs that will brighten up any ones projects. The "Tools" tab is an informational page for parents, students, and teachers, who want to find a library, school, or college. When students are looking to challenge themselves they can click on some of the other tabs offered through Kids' Zone.

I chose this website because it offered many different educational experiences to students, teachers, and parents. For my preschooler, this website would work very well as a whole group activity. They would love to see the graph to shape and the many different colors. Older students could use the graph for projects and when finished and looking for something to do during past time, the students can a mind bender question.
external image kids_zone_graph.gif