Web 2.0 Tool: Animoto


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Animoto is a tool that allows users to create high definition videos from pictures, video clips, and text choices.

The tool will automatically assess this information and help you create the video, leaving the user to spend

the majority of the time focused on content. Great examples are provided on the website home page.

The highlights:

  • Encourages creativity and critical thinking skills- 21st century skills!

  • Secure- students do not have to use full name

  • Students engage/improve writing/editing skills- address Standards

  • Free to use

  • #1 reason---

Because it's FUN!!!!!


So, why else did I choose this tool to highlight??

Anticipatory Set: I choose this tool, besides the above outstanding reasons, because I believe we have begin lessons by getting our students attention. This tool can be used as part the anticipatory set and include video clips from different sources, key information we want our students to focus on, and interesting facts or ideas.

Music; Another BIG reason I choose this tool is that it is easy to include music. I am a huge believe that music makes the difference in any presentation. It captures our attention and can set the mood.

For example, watch this video featuring Lebron James set to 300 Violin Orchestra/Jorge Quintero:


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Applications in the classroom:

  • Setting up the lesson

  • Student video productions

  • - Create a movie trailer based on a novel read in class

  • Exam review

  • Cultural Diversity presentations

  • Promoting school activities

  • - Video on upcoming school wide community service projects, athletics, clubs

  • Promoting the school

  • -Create a video "Why My School is the Best!"

  • Highlight Teacher/Student of the Month

  • Create News broadcasts

- Cathy Bearden