Like bubbl.us says, it's brainstorming made simple. This tool allows you to brainstorm online and create colorful mind maps. It is started with a main bubble and other bubbles are linked to the main one creating a web. You can print the map and share it with others. Users must create an account. With your account, you're able to add contacts and share map sheets with other users to edit or as a read-only. You can try bubbl.us before you start using it.

I chose bubbl.us because it is a very easy and simple Web 2.0 tool to use. This can be used for all ages, too!

Incorporating bubbl.us in the classroom

Bubbl.us can be used for many things in the classroom. Students can create a web of their family, or an All About Me. The main bubble would be their name with other bubbles listing their favorites and information about them. This tool would also be great for writing. There are many students who have a hard time writing down ideas about a topic. I think using bubbl.us would enhance their writing skills because they would find it to be creative and fun to brainstorm online. You could also use this with the whole class after reading a story for a comprehension piece.

Here are some examples of bubbl.us


"Because mind mapping is more flexible than outlining, it encourages creativity. Displaying all related topics on the same mind map, with emphasis and connections indicated by images, symbols, and colors, improves memory retention. The maps are also easier to understand, which saves time and increases productivity." Diane Murley “Mind Mapping Complex Information”

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