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Classtools.net is a great resource for all subject areas at all grade levels. Teachers can create games, activities, and diagrams for students to access on their blog or website. Game templates and suggestions for different academic classes are provided to make creating them easier. The website is very user friendly so anyone can use it with no worries. The best part is....no signup or charge!!! I chose this tool because I am always looking for creative ways to review with my students. At my school we have a period that is called "core plus." I see two of my classes during this time for an additional thirty minutes. I am looking forward to using my Smartboard and having the kids play some of the games I have created.

Teachers can save the links of the games created directly to their class computers for future use. Being a teacher without a website, I would be able to access the links and and use my Smartboard. Teachers can also save the links to the school's public drives for students to access during computer lab time. Links can also be added to Moodle accounts for students to access from home. In order for students to be able to access the links for games without seeing the answers, be sure to set a password. Students don't need the password but it will create a link directly to the game. Otherwise, the link will allow access for students to edit. For tools like diagrams and timelines, students can save and print when completed.

Teachers can easily navigate through the site. There are several examples for each tool found along with a clear set of directions for creating games. Besides games, there are fishbone templates to use for planning. A hamburger template for writing good paragraphs. The list goes on and on. There are even teaching ideas for each tool!!!!

I have chosen two of my favorite tools to share some ideas with you.

1. Arcade Game Generator - Simply type in questions, at least 10 for variety, and choose from games you want students to play. In order for students to play all the games possible, you must create separate links for the games.

Example: http://classtools.net/widgets/quiz_1/q3PWq.htm

2. Random Name/Word Picker - Type in any words relating to the subject you are teaching. Choose typewriter or fruit machine. The website gives the idea to have students to pair up. One with their back to the screen and the other facing it. Students then have a time limit to get their partner to guess the word by giving definitions or key ideas. Can be used for all subjects.

Example: http://classtools.net/widgets/fruit_machine_0/8mSHr.htm

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