Web 2.0 Project Directions:

This assignment demonstrates collaboration among students and how information shared can be edited by more than one person. Make sure you follow each step below in this assignment (in the correct order). I would suggest you print the Web 2.0 Project Rubric to see exactly how you will be evaluated for this project. Your participation in all of the steps below will become a part of your Web 2.0 Project grade as reflected in the rubric.

1. Since we are using a wiki for this project, I want you to fully understand what a wiki is. So, for the first step in this project I want you to go to the "What is a Wiki" page and follow the directions to get a better understanding of what this type of Web 2.0 tool can do.

2. So, what exactly is a Web 2.0 tool and how can they be used in education? In this step you will find the answers to these questions.Take some time to explore the links below.

One of your assignments for this class is to setup a Delicious Social Bookmarking site. Did you notice that this is considered a Web 2.0 tool? Try searching this topic in Google. You will be amazed at all the tools for teaching and learning that are available, many of which are free. Where were these things when we were going to school?

3. Now I want you to take a look at what the research says about using Web 2.0 tools in school. Since these tools are fairly new and they change all the time there is not much research out about them. What do you think? Does Web 2.0 belong in classrooms?

4. Now, it's time to start the biggest part of this project. Explore several tools that you think would be beneficial in the classroom or useful for professional development (you can refer to the links above again or search the Internet). Sign up for some online tools and/or download others that are programs (most give you a free demo time). Use the tools to create something of your own. You need to pick one Web 2.0 tool that you want to share with everyone in this class. You will actually be creating a new page on this wiki to share your information. Follow the steps below!

a. To edit this wiki and add a new page you will need to sign up for a FREE wikispaces account. Click "Sign Up" at the top of the page to create a new account. I will have to confirm you joining our wiki so request access by clicking "Join" at the top of the page. I'll get an email telling me that you have requested access. At that point I have to accept you and let you in. I'll do this as soon as I see the email.

b. After you have your account and are logged into Wikispaces you will need to go to the Web 2.0 Tools page. On this page you will click on "create a new page" to add a new page to share your Web 2.0 tool. You will name the page with the name of the tool you chose to review.

c. On the new page you created, you will need to add a link to the Web 2.0 tool that you are sharing, give a short introduction to the tool and explain why you chose that particular tool to share. Make sure you also explain how that tool could be used in the teaching and learning process. Make sure you read through the Web 2.0 Rubric so you will know what is expected of you

d. Make sure you add a hyperlink to your page on the Web 2.0 Tools page. The Web 2.0 Tools page should be basically just a collection of links. There should be one and only one page for each Web 2.0 tool discussed. You need to make sure you choose a Web 2.0 tool that someone has not already shared.

5. After you have completed all of these steps take some time to look through some of the Web 2.0 tools that your peers have added to the Web 2.0 Tools page. Look at the Additional Wiki Resources Page and add any good wiki resources that you may have run accross while completing this project.